Jet off to The Casino Capital of the World with Casumo!

Casumo Casino has just recently launched an incredibly generous promotion for all of their players to get involved in. This marvellous offer will give one lucky player the opportunity to visit the city of lust and lights itself; Las Vegas. There are other bonuses in store as well so be sure to give this incredible promotion a spins and who knows? You may just be the lucky one packing your bags for the casino capital of the world.

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How to get Involved in the Casumo Vegas Challenge

Casumo have launched a mini game which all registered players can give a spin. This game is titled The Vegas Challenge and this will be the game which will make or break your Las Vegas dreams.there are three levels to play through, all with different winnings for the player coming out tops.

  1. Firstly there is the easy round which will see you pocketing a prize of £800 when the promotion ends
  2. Next there is the medium level which will reward the winning player with £1500
  3. Finally, we have the hardcore level which will send this round’s winner off to Vegas, Baby!

On top of this incredible win, you will also be given five thousand quid for spending money! The challenge kicked off on February the 15th and shall run all the way through to March the 14th, so be sure to get in line on this incredible game and see what spoils you can notch onto your belt!

An image of the Claim Online Casino Bonus button

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