Casumo Online Casino Broaden the Creative Scape

Casumo Online Casino has recently launched its very own comic book strip. Whilst bringing a ton of whimsy to the table, it also brings a new form of engagement for potential players, broadening their chances of growing their clientele base. Read on below as we discuss the benefits of introducing a creative side to the Casino world as demonstrated by Casumo Online Casino.

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How Casumo Online Casino Gets Noticed

Casumo have always carried an air of unusualness about them. From their mascot, to their comic like graphical content on their website, it is an incredibly enjoyable online casino for all. However, they have since launched their comic strip:

  • OMUSAC! Observations From a Parallel Universe is the name of the creation
  • New episodes published every Friday
  • Published in Swedish newspaper, Metro as well as on the Casumo Facebook page
  • Not related to casino happenings whatsoever

This is an incredibly innovative way that the casino reaches out to their fans and players alike. This comic strip sets Casumo aside, making them noticed against competition. There are a number of benefits of creativity within all workspaces, not only the online casino industry, and thy are:

  • Standing out against your competition
  • Creates a strong first impression by being memorable
  • Your visual appeal can affect your web visitor’s emotion

Within the online casino industry, there are a wide number of various casinos, offering players a plethora of spoils. Choosing a casino for you can be a stressful task indeed. This is how Casumo Casino has surpassed their competitors. By releasing their comic strip they are in essence building:

  1. Their presence and brand within the market
  2. A relationship with their customers by engaging with them on another level

The OMUSAC comic strip collection – although dark at times – is incredibly entertaining. Personally, we at Casino UK love it and recommend all of our readers take a look at the offerings from this innovative online casino.

Image of Omusac Casumo Online Casino Comic

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Casumo Introduce New Slot Games to Their Catalogue

In other news, Casumo have also released a number of new slot games titles to their collection. From here on out, you will be able to enjoy the thrills of:

  • Wild Times – SGI
  • Pretty Kitty – Microgaming
  • Shoot! – Microgaming (mobile casino release)
  • Ninja Magic – Microgaming
  • Double Diamond – IGT (mobile casino release)
  • Silent Movie – IGT
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