Casumo Players Win Big This Week with the Mega Fortune Major Jackpot

Within quick succession, Mega Fortune Major Jackpot has managed to change two lucky Casumo players’ lives. This goes to show that with lady luck on your side, things can really turn around for you. Read on to see these lucky players’ stories below!

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How Fifty Cents Can Change Your Life

Fifteen days ago, one lucky Casumo – as the online casino aptly dubs their players – managed to make a fortune from nearly nothing. If you think about how many times you’ve managed to overlook the lowly fifty cent coin, lose it in the couch or forget it in your pocket, you’d probably lose count! However, one fortunate player from Finland decided to take a gamble on the amazing Mega Fortune Major Jackpot slot with nothing more than the unsung hero coin. In one spin, that Casumo managed to turn that fifty cents into a phenomenal fifty thousand quid win.

The Mega Fortune Major Jackpot Story Continues

You guessed it, there’s still more to come! Within just over a week, yet another Casumo player managed to strike it rich on the same fabled fortune wheel! Mega Fortune Major Jackpot Touch spun in favour of one lucky Casumo from Yorkshire, UK. After just three spins, he managed to make it through to the enigmatic bonus round, and this is where his fates changed. Within this round, the thirty one year old player managed to land the incredible £2,065,627 jackpot!

“I was thinking I might win 50 pounds but when it went all the way to the jackpot I was shocked.”

We at Casino UK do not blame this Casumo for his response. Shock, shrieking, and a chorus of whoops would be the natural response for such an amazing win. Who will be next? Be sure to not miss out on your chance! Go forth and hunt for jackpots with Casumo today!

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