Casumo Casino Takes You on an Adventure

Casumo Casino has always been one for doing things slightly differently. From their outlandish promotions to their adorable little mascot, they have always been accommodating to all players. All Casumos – as they call all of their players – have the opportunity to go through an incredible adventure with this online casino. So read on for a brief break down of how you can level up and get more under your belt now!

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A Belt Just Became More Than a Fashion Statement thanks to Casumo Casino

Casumo have a number of stages for each of their patrons to progress through. Each progression brings with it more benefits and furthers your growth within the online casino. Read on below to understand the progression which will take place as soon as you join the online casino:

  • And Then a Casumo Was Born! When you begin your journey by signing up with this incredible online casino, your little Casumo will be created specifically for you with a rope tied around his or her waist. This symbolises that you are within the early phases of your play at this incredible online casino.
  • Play the Game and Grow. As you begin to deposit and play your way through the incredible online casino games this site has to offer, you will begin to progress in your adventure. You will be able to monitor your progress, seeing how much more it will take from you to level up.
  • Hand off the Valuables! Well, you can put your hands on them, because they will be yours! As you progress, you will be rewarded inn something known as valuables at Casumo Casino. These could be anything from free spins, to actual cash prizes.
  • Claim Your Colours as you Level Up! As you work your way through he various stages of the Casumo adventure, you will be awarded a different colour belt as you go. You will be able to look forward to:
    • The rope belt – beginner
    • The white belt
    • The yellow belt
    • The red belt
    • The blue belt
    • The purple belt
    • The black belt – expert
  • Get Your Trophies Today. You will also be awarded trophies for your various achievements in the Casumo adventure. These will symbolize any achievement which you have managed to make along your journey i.e. a big win. Furthermore, these could possibly count towards something greater one day, so hoist your trophies up and hold them proudly!

As you can see, the Casumo adventure certainly is one to get excited about, so do not be left behind. Get down to Casumo Casino today and try your luck, watching your little Casumo character progress as you do!

An image of the Claim Online Casino Bonus button

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