Casumo Casino Crown One of Its Casumos a Massive Winner

In the past week at Casumo Casino, one lucky first time player has managed to turn his life around in a matter of seconds. David, a brand new Casumo from Sweden decided to sign up an account at Casumo Casino with his girlfriend and as they spent an evening in, playing around on their newly started account. Then, something happened that would change their lives forever.

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How First Time Casumo Casino Player Struck it Lucky

David and his girlfriend had decided to give the online casino world a spin as a friend of theirs had recently won a little money doing so. David signed up an account with Casumo, selected the Mega Fortune slot and he and his girlfriend settled in, taking turns to spin the reels. When they made it through to a bonus round on a €1.25 spin, things got interesting:

“We had absolutely no clue what was going on or how the bonus wheel worked. Then it finally stopped and on the screen we saw a bunch of numbers ticking. It was so unreal…”

Those were the words of lucky winner David himself. David, not knowing what exactly what was happening, contacted his friend who recently had won himself. After explaining the whole scenario, David’s friend revealed that they had actually won the incredible jackpot. At this point, David’s life would change forever.

Could Yu be the Next Casumo to Strike it Lucky?

David and his girlfriend played straight from their mobile device, not expecting much from their venture. Their lives were suddenly changed, and so could yours.

What Casumo Casino has to Offer All Players:

  • A top notch mobile casino for all to enjoy
  • Multiple Software providers, giving you the best of a number of casino games
  • A plethora of enticing casino games to choose from
  • Friendly customer support team available 24/7

David was the second largest winner at Casumo as well as being in close succession to another big winner at Casumo casino. Last month, a lucky UK player won 2.7 million Euro! As yu can see, Casumo has a great deal to offer you so don’t miss out!

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