Join the Boolean Boot Camp at Kaboo Casino

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions people tend to adopt is getting in shape, and Kaboo Casino has seen, acknowledged and appreciated this trend. As such, their January promotion is set to take you on a boot camp with the Booleans with different rewards awaiting you throughout every week. This weekend await s you eagerly with a mission ready and running for you from the 8th to the 10th of January 2016. So strap your boots up and get ready to take on planet of Kaboo this January. Read on to see how you can get involved today!

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What Missions Await this Weekend at Kaboo

This weekend you will be lucky enough to make use of the 50% match bonus which awaits you each and every day from Friday to Sunday! Not only can you expect the amazing reload bonus, however. You will also be in line to receive a number of echoes along with your deposit as a reward for being such a trooper! Be sure to take part in this mission and reap every reward which you can get your hands on!

What Else You Can Expect this Month at Kaboo

Each week of January 2016 from now all the way through to the end of the month, you will be greeted with a weekly training session with different missions available with plenty of rewards in tow. Each week, information on the challenges ahead will be released so be sure to watch this space so that you don’t miss out! Embrace the New Year with the Boolean Boot Camp and push yourself to the limits. Be sure to not miss out on the thrills and spills which are waiting for you at Kaboo this January and get involved in the mission now!

An image of the Claim Online Casino Bonus button

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