Big Bang Theory based slot game

Over the years, game developers have fallen into the trend of developing television based slot games. Big Bang theory is one of the many television shows that have made it onto casino game floors, as it is a popular sitcom among many television fanatics. The Big Bang Theory slot machine was developed by gaming software provider, Aristocrat. This popular sitcom is watched by millions of viewers. To capture the magnitude of its popularity, Aristocrat went all out when creating this slot machine. This slot machine comes in an 84-inch, and 4k resolution touch screen.

Image of Big Bang Theory Slot

Why players should play the Big Bang Theory Slot

Television or movie based slots are a big favourite in both land based and online casinos. Players enjoy playing games they are familiar with. The graphics and the sound used in slots such as Big Bang Theory have visual and audio snippets taken from show. This makes for great entertainment and a good gaming experience. If you love the TV show, then seeing your favourite characters such as Penny and Dr. Sheldon will have you glued to the game. Big Bang Theory slot comes in three reels with a number of bonus features. This slot game is only available in land based casinos at the moment however, players can look forward to an online version in the nearer future.

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Nigel Frith