Twist Your Brain With Betsafe Casino This Month

Betsafe Casino invite all of their patrons to partake in their Brain-Riddles they will be releasing over the month of October. You will be able to get your hands on a generous share of over 1700 free spins and these will be spread out over the course of October 2015. In order to partake in this spectacular promotion, all you need to do is opt in!

Image of Betsafe Brain Teasers

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How to Get Involved With Betsafe Casino

In order to kick start your journey to gaining free spins over October, you will need to obviously opt in to the promotion. You will be able to do so on the Betsafe website. Once this has been done, you will then need to play fifty quid or more on and slot machine and then take a look at your messages to see your first riddle!

You will be sent a weekly brain twister riddle which you will have to solve and stand the chance of being awarded a handsome four hundred free spins each week. This promotion will run until the 28th October so best you get your fingers clicking on the opt in button today!

Make October Your Favourite Month

Thanks to Betsafe Casino you can now ensure that October will be one of your best months yet. Thanks to this phenomenal promotion, one thousand seven hundred spins could be yours and as such, we encourage all of our readers to get clicking today! Go forth and spin to reap the rewards of the brain twisting riddles.

An image of the Claim Online Casino Bonus button

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