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The purpose of Casino UK is singular. It’s an honest source of gambling news, reviews, strategy and casino information. I’m Connor Reeves and I’m here to help you skip the puddles and pitfalls that may soil your pretty breeches while navigating the world of casinos.

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The thrills and frills of online and offline casinos have long seized to excite me and my editorial team even though we choose to humour them from time to time. If you are a seasoned player like I am, you would also look passed the bikini-clad birds and Triple 7’s to see real numbers, odds and wins.

My experience has taught me to have an acute interest in authoritative, reliable casinos. I say reliable because I’ve waded through the twaddle out there for a decade and found just a handful of establishments that deserve a true stamp of approval, most of which, you will find on Casino UK.

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My wrinkly, liver stained Aunt once advised me, in between the puffs of her menthol cigarette, that if you want to say something, “Just bloomin’ say it!” This was probably the greatest advice I ever received.

Starting my life of as a “wannabe journalist”, I always found creative ways to say what I wanted in my stories, yet I always seemed to be censored by my editors. This was because publications had monetary commitments and relationships to maintain with organisations, effectively taping up my candid mouth. But now things are a tad bit different.

I have my own team of writers who share the same philosophy as my old, loud-mouthed Aunt, choosing to dig to the bottom of every gambling, betting and casino-related story. Our goal is to search for the truth and to come up with information that matters to you as gambling consumers and industry players.


I’ll tell you what symbols, cards and terms mean, how to use your pennies and pounds profitably, when to bet, and when to fold. My knowledge of Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Poker, Slots and Video Poker is buzzing around in my head, waiting to be splattered across insightful blog pages on Casino UK. You will see that I’ve already started the process and that our library of information is growing by the day.

I do hope you enjoy your experience at Casino UK and get the exact information that you are looking for. If you have any suggestions, smart contributions or queries, just bloomin’ say it by filling out the contact form