Lewis Hamilton wins after investigation

Lewis Hamilton rushed to a major Italian Grand Prix win to put a stronghold on the world title and was cleared out of breaking tyre rules. Hamilton’s victory puts him 53 points ahead of the German team-mate Nico Rosberg as he retired. This was Hamilton’s seventh victory this season.

An image of Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes Benz was scrutinized on the basis of the tyres being below the minimum permissible pressure.  After ruling Mercedes had ensured safe operating procedures, the Stewards sanctioned Hamilton to keep his win. The Steward ruled that the tyres were at the correct temperature when fitted to the car. This lower temperature would mean the tyre lost pressure and would explain why it hollowed below the minimum temperature.

The German, Rosberg, suffered an engine failure with three laps to go which caused a huge smoke and allowed Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari to take the second position. In the final laps, Hamilton survived a shock when his team told him he had to drive flat out but not knew what the problem was. In case of a penalty for the tyre pressure, it seemed like Mercedes was trying to get Hamilton to make a lead of further than 25 seconds, which was 03psi lower than the minimum amount specified by Pirelli on safety basis.

Mercedes decided it was safe to keep Hamilton’s engine after checking it, but the team admitted that it would be a nervous afternoon.

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